Assembly your own portable retro game console!

We introduce the coolest handheld game console DIY kit! This kit based on Raspberry Pi Zero and RetroPie. It’s can be constructed also by children. Easy to construct – easy to play! You can buy our kit and start your game adventure now!

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About Picicle

Launch your favorite retro games from such consoles as SNES, SEGA, NES, ATARI etc. on a Picicle - handheld game console, which you construct yourself. Our CC (Crystal Clear) design, incredibly comfortable and high-quality assembly and the full suite will allow you to enjoy a wide library of games 24/7!

Assembly process

Feel yourself like innovator

Imagine that you are the inventor of the 90s, who creates a game console, which will be nice to play not only for him, but for millions of children around the world. Imagined? Now open your eyes and get this opportunity with Picicle!

Mario 3D on Picicle game console
VIDEO Prezentation

What will you get?

Check this video to learn more about design, functional and compound our game console kit. Just see what a beautiful and comfortable thing in front of you. It's must-have item for geek.


Our kit include

Transparent glass case

Milled from clear acrylic and glued with UV glue

PCB (printed circuit board)

Сonvenient for soldering with all the necessary designations

TFT 3,2 display

Huge and bright LCD screen ILI9341


Loud with the ability to relaly the volume

Electronic components

Сhips, transistors, resistors, capacitors and LEDs

Quick shipping

We ship within 2 days, deliver in 2 weeks worldwide



You can read the full feedback here!

Picicle reviews

Dave Curran

United Kingdom

Nicely designed kit for a near little hand held console.
Post in his blog

Picicle reviews

Francois Fanuel


Nice kit! I had fun soldering it, and the result is great ! If the software is updated that can be even better ;) Thanks!

Picicle reviews

Anthony Merrigan

United Kingdom

Excellent, but definately not for beginnners! I really enjoyed building this, works exactly as expected and documentation (English) was well written and easy to follow.

Picicle reviews

Manoch Teachajareonvikul


Wonderful! This is my first purchase at tindie. I actually quite awkward to purchase on indie store but this seller provide a wonderful kit with nice shipping.

Picicle reviews

Curtis Rodomsky


This is a cool little project, and it works nicely. If you have SMD soldering experience this will be a breeze. I soldered all components by hand and it worked well.

Picicle reviews

Tejashwi Kalp Taru


Excellent kit! This kit is easy to build if you have some SMD soldering experience because you need to solder a lot of small components yourself.

Our features

Not included in this kit

Not all components can be delivered by mail. The legislation of some countries prohibits the delivery of lithium-ion batteries. You can purchase them at electronics stores in your country or on the link below.

Buy Raspberry Pi Zero W Buy a battery

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Buy only Pi Zero W. Other versions are not suitable for this kit.


The best way - the LiPo 3.7V battery (overall size 4.5x50x80mm)


Simple and detailed text guide will help you to cope with the work, even if you are new to this field. We always put printed manual in each kit, but if you suddenly threw it away and then regretted it, you can find the PDF version below. Video instruction will be available soon.

PDF build guide
Pricing Plan

Where to buy?

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$ 50


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$ 50

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why your kit not included Raspberry Pi and battery?

Not all components can be delivered by mail. The legislation of some countries prohibits the delivery of lithium-ion batteries. You can purchase them at electronics stores in your country.

Can I assemble a console if I can't solder?

You can write in the comments to the order that you don't know how to solder and we will do it ourselves. You will only assembly everything and enjoy!

What should I do if I soldered everything and the console does not start?

Use a multimeter and the guide to check the connection has been made.

Is it possible to glue parts of the case with ordinary glue?

Yes, but we recommend you use UV glue, as it leaves no residue and is more convenient.